Family Dentistry

Welldent is a family practice focused on total wellness. We emphasize on minimally invasive and preventative dentistry that has established a new avenue of wellness for families.

We understand that oral health starts at a very early age; with Welldent your entire family is under the care of healthcare

providers concerned with your safety, well-being and comfort. Our team at Welldent is not only concerned about healthy and beautiful smiles, but we are focused on your overall wellness.

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  • Why do I need Family Dentistry oriented practice?

Many oral conditions can pass through genetically and are inherited and it is very important that if we know there’s family history, that early intervention and prevention is very key to overall oral health and wellbeing.

Welldent provides services for the entire family from minimally-invasive and preventative child dentistry to simultaneous parent-kid cleanings for optimal time management.

  • Does it really help in wellness?

As a wellness focused practice, at Welldent we focus on educating and encouraging our patients to live at their healthiest.

In addition to our aim to bypass the drilling and grinding methods of conventional dentistry, we also use fluoride therapy that prevents cavities, eliminating the need for drilling. When you get your kids for regular checkups, we are able to easily detect the early stages of a cavity, treat it and prevent the need for any invasive dental procedure.